Warranty and post-warranty service

The service engineers of our company service the equipment presented by our company in the warranty and post-guarantee period.

During the warranty period (from 2 to 5 years, depending on the type of equipment), maintenance means that our specialist, upon receipt of a confirmation of the need for departure, arrives at the customer's plant within 24 hours with a set of necessary spare parts and tools. Usually the departure of our engineers is required in the first half of the year the equipment is in operation. in the subsequent period, the Customer's specialists, having received theoretical and practical training, themselves replace the warranty parts delivered by us.

Post-warranty service is carried out on the basis of a separate contract, in which conditions and cost of service works are prescribed.

Also IBC Systems engineers repair the cooling and peripheral equipment produced by third-party companies. qualification and experience allow us to give a guarantee on the work of this kind.

If you require repair of the chiller, freecooler, material loading system, dryers, dosing systems, robot, etc. it is necessary to apply with an e-mail to info@ibcplastic.ru or by phone +7 (495) 727-05-28, no one will be left without an answer.