About us

IBC Plastic supplies cooling and temperature control systems, storage systems for the preparation and transport of materials, and robots.


The company was established in 2000 as a service company for servicing PET systems - drying and cooling loading systems supplied with Husky injection molding machines.

2002 - Start of work on the supply of equipment - cooperation with Green Box and Plastic Systems, the first supply of equipment to Russia

2005 - Participation in the first specialized exhibition in the history of the company - Interplastica 2005

2006 - Development of a program for calculating energy savings in refrigeration equipment - IBC Energysaving

2007 - New equipment supplier Crizaf, one of the leading manufacturers of conveyors

2008 - Start of cooperation with Campetella - the first IML system in Russia

2008 - Renewal of the Plastic Systems equipment range - rebranding, and new models.

2010 - New Gimatic Robot Capture Direction

2011 - Company rebranding, new company structure

2011 - A new direction for renting chillers RENTaCHILLER.ru

2011 - The largest central system for the preparation and transportation of turnkey materials in Russia was delivered to the largest automobile plant in Russia

2013 - Opening of a representative office in Kazan, the Republic of Tatarstan

2015 - Start of cooperation with Engin Plast srl - manufacturer of volumetric and weight dosing systems for non-standard applications and crushers for plastic products

2018 - First deliveries of chillers and thermal controllers from Blauwer spa, a subsidiary of Plastic Systems SPA PEGASO INDUSTRIES SPA

2019 - Restructuring of the company Plastic Systems SPA - the company name was changed to PEGASO INDUSTRIES SPA and the internal management structure was restructured

2019 - IBC Plastic is part of the PEGASO INDUSTRIES SPA holding


Entry into the holding PEGASO INDUSTRIES S.P.A. It is aimed at improving the quality of work, optimizing prices and delivery times of equipment.


PEGASO INDUSTRIES S.P.A. is a holding company http://www.pegasoindustries.com/ which includes the following equipment manufacturers:

PEGASO INDUSTRIES S.P.A. has branches in the following countries:

  • Plastic Systems China
  • Plastic Systems India
  • Plastic Systems Brasil
  • Plastic Systems USA
  • IBC Plastic Russia

Our customers know that we solve the most complex and non-standard tasks. Despite the fact that we focus on complex centralized systems, the supply of free-standing units of equipment is also very interesting to us.

Suppliers IBC Plastic are first-class manufacturers, market leaders in peripheral equipment. All of them are dynamically developing international companies, constantly improving their products. For each of them, IBC Plastic is the exclusive official representative.


The strategy of expansion into the Russian and CIS markets from the day the company was founded is based on the provision of the highest quality services. The main idea of ​​expanding the client base is to create and maintain partnership trusts with those who once became our client. High-quality after-sales support is the only way to achieve long-term partnerships.


Our customers are confident that they will receive maximum support and will never go unanswered.