Dehumidifier series DAC 9000

Technology: absorption dehumidifier regenerated by heat pump R744 (CO2) transcritical, in Italy.

The company, which produces PET preforms, has the need to maintain a series of humidity controlled pressurized cabins in order to prevent the formation of condensation on the molds. They were used for this purpose  absorption dehumidifiers regenerated by electric resistances that used, among other things, a considerable amount of chilled water for the pre-and post- process air cooling.

The proposed Blauwer involves the replacement of two units respectively from 1200 and 5000 m3 / h with a DAC9000 units, sized to satisfy future expansion.

The benefits of the new technology with absorption rotors regenerated by a heat pump that uses a natural refrigerant (R744) are substantial:

  • Significant reduction of installed power
  • Reduced consumption of around 60/70%
  • Reduction of the water capacity of pre-cooling due to 'refrigerator intake of the machine itself
  • Reduction of the flow rate of the post-cooling water due to the lower regeneration temperatures

Must be added the other benefits of using an advanced control that provides:

  • Turning off the machine if the ambient moisture content is lower than the set
  • Reduction of air flow in the case may exclude some of the loads, resulting in reduction of power input
  • L 'installation of this unit has allowed DAC 9000, on an annual basis, a reduction of fuel consumption amounts to 446,800 kW / h and a reduction of CO2 emissions equal to 336.000kg / year.
  • ROI is less than one year and a half