Two-stage high-temperature heat pump HTA1600B

Technology: Natural Gas Heat Pump (CO2) transcritical
Installation: Luxembourg
Year: 2015

The company, which produces PET preforms, has the need to reduce power consumption inherent in the plastic pellets heating, before the melting stage. They are generally used for this purpose electric resistances.

The proposed Blauwer provides for the introduction of heat pump units  that replace in part the work of the electric resistors until it reaches a temperature of about 120°C.
The peculiarity of this specific apparatus, is in the fact that it is able to manage separately a two air flows: the primary flow that the dehumidified air from the molecular sieve dehumidification systems (dew point < -45 °C), bringing the temperature from 70 to 120 °C, the second, open-cycle, taking ambient air and sending it to a hopper of pre-heating of the granule at a temperature of 60-70 °C.

The benefits from the introduction of the heat pump that uses natural refrigerants (R744) are:

  • Reduction of installed electrical power
  • Reduction of power consumption in the order of 25% corresponding to a lower specific consumption of 25W / kg / h of product
  • Contemporary production of chilled water

Installation of each unit has allowed, on an annual basis, the reduction of energy  consumption amounts to 131,500 kW / h  and a reduction of CO2 emissions equal to 108.000kg/year.