The loading, dosing, mixing and feeding of the material are combined into a compact polymer processing system controlled by one common controller. Maguire has presented this unit as part of the international exhibition of the plastics industry NPE2018.

Maguire's Micro Tower MMT ™ is capable of mixing up to three materials: primary polymer, secondary material and masterbatch - in batches of 4.5 kg for injection molding or for extrusion with a capacity of up to 45 kg / h. A compact tower-type installation is mounted on the neck of the processing machine, eliminating the need for additional space for the vacuum pump. To ensure accuracy in the feeding system and three bins, weights are used, simultaneously controlled by the controller.

"The Micro Tower MMT ™ replaces the complex combinations of individual bulky devices with a single compact and fairly budgetary system designed specifically to produce small quantities of products," said Frank Kavanagh, vice president of sales and marketing. "This installation is easy to install and access when changing material and is easy to maintain."

The supercharger of the Micro Tower MMT ™ is powered by a light brushless motor. The filters are cleaned using Maguire's patented reverse-vent method.


Source: smart_extrusion