In any plastic processing facility, gravimetric blenders play a unique role. They control and measure the exact weight of each material component as it enters the process. 

There are 8 base models in different configurations from 2 to 8 components. 

The operating cycle is completely automatic. 

The microprocessor control with a keyboard and digital display allows the operator to easily set the percentages and dosing parameters of the feeding system.

The gravimetric blenders are easy to use and they can be installed on ground or the processing machine. Special pneumatic slidegates installed below the hopper allows the material to fall into the weighing station, the weighed batch is then discharged on a mixer which provides the proper mixing. 


  • Eight models that cover throughputs form 20 to 3000 Kg/h in various configurations that can dose up to 8 different materials. 
  • Control with microprocessor. 
  • Costantly monitored precision.
  • Automatic compensation with material change.
  • Automatic adjustment.
  • Direct configuration of component percentages.
  • Precise and reliable control with an high precision of 0.1%.
  • Mixers that ensure an accurate mixing action.
  • Setup operations and reports can be downloaded from USB devices. 
  • Fixed and removable hoppers. 
  • Automatic compensation for material variations. 
  • Load cell readings that have been compromised by machine shock or vibration are detected and disregarded. 
  • Every batch is followed by a correction routine that 


  • Color touchscreen operator interface. 
  • Modbus, Ethernet, Profibus interfaces. 
  • Fixing base. 
  • Ground support base. 
  • Pneumatic slide gate under the mixer. 
  • Capacitive sensors for level control. 
  • Breaker system for non-slip materials.