Gravimetric blenders

Gravimetric (weight) feeders are designed to automatically dispense additives (alone or in combination with others) into the base material. The weighing batcher ensures the production of the finished mixture with the exact ratio of the components. The main principle of dosing is weight, not quality. That is, the size and shape of the pellets does not affect the final result. Weighing batchers work with both granular and powder materials, they are installed on or near the loading throat of the machine.

Dosage is performed by using a strain gauge element functioning according to the "weight gain" principle. Pneumatic dampers and screw feeders provide loading of the weighing chamber.

When working on powder materials, the weight chamber is loaded with screw feeders with tedder and vibrators.

Due to the use of weighing batchers, a significant saving of materials (additives, dyes, etc.) occurs in the production