Cooling systems components

Cooling systems components

- is a complex system for transferring fluids from one place to another, includes the following equipment mounted on the frame: pump units (working and backup) - pumps, pipelines and auxiliary devices (for example, pipeline valves).

Pumping stations are used to circulate coolant between the consumer (cooled equipment) and cooling equipment (chiller, freecooler, etc.), usually pumping stations are used in conjunction with a freezer that is supplied without a pump. Also pumping groups are used together with chillers that do not have their own pump due to limited dimensions or the use of a high-power pump.

When manufacturing pumping groups, we use stainless steel EBARA pumps with the best quality price ratio.

Completed pumping group control panels produced by Green Box. Control panels are equipped with protective devices to protect the pumps from voltage surges and other abnormal situations.

As the pumping groups that we propose are supplied complete with cooling equipment - a dry cooling tower or chiller.