Industrial chillers (water chillers)

are used in industrial plants that need cooling equipment. Industrial chillers for water cooling have various complete sets and designs allowing to select for each concrete case the optimum system as industrial cold is applied on manufactures with various conditions of operation. Industrial chillers supplied by our company allow us to cool as water various technological liquids such as: a mixture of water with ethylene glycol, desalted and deionized water, lubricating and cooling liquids (LW), oils, various liquids with high viscosity, contaminated liquids.

The free-cooler (water / air heat exchanger) is equipment that is used to cool water or other liquids in the industry. Industrial processes require large volumes of cold water, often at a temperature very close to the ambient temperature. In such cases, you can use free-coolers (dry cooling towers). Free-coolers or dry coolers are water-air heat exchangers that provide cooling of water through ambient air passing through the heat exchanger plates by means of axial fans.