Europe will refuse disposable plastic tableware by 2021

MEPs supported a bill banning the use of disposable plastic utensils in the European Union. Already in 2021, the ban will come into force.

Cutlery, plates, cups, straws, as well as cotton swabs and oxodegradable containers used for food, will be outlawed. Such a solution should help reduce the burden on the environment. Plastic waste in natural conditions decompose very slowly, most often they fall into the seas and oceans. To solve this problem, different countries around the world are taking measures, one of which is the rejection of disposable plastic items.

On the voting held in the European Parliament, the initiative was supported by 560 deputies, 35 were against and 28 abstained. The next step in the framework of the adopted treaty will be the signing of agreements with the ministers of countries belonging to the European Union.