Why Does Bulk Density Really Matter?

1. Manage Material Better Understanding bulk density is critical to keeping production and material costs under control. A more homogeneous mix means a better process Melt Flow Index, better machine optimization, and ability to control and maximize on regrind usage, while optimizing masterbatch and additive usage.

2. Use More Recycled Content Accurately The Maguire Blender constantly updates flow rates of each material so ensures a consistent mix and average density of mix as it leaves the blender.

3. Minimize Chances of Material Separation Getting your blend as close to the process as possible lowers your chances of material separation. Even after all these years, other blending solutions can struggle to manage vibration, and / or adjust dosing rates, while the Maguire Blender remains accurate when mounted on the throat of the machine.

Understanding bulk density in plastics processing is critical to keeping production and material costs low. It's all about the perfect mix. Maguire Blenders weigh every unit of every material.

Why density really matters?  When mixing manually, each material is mixed by hand and manually loaded to a day bin. As material is conveyed, material starts separating. Due to different bulk densities, heavier materials start migrating to the bottom of the day bin, near the probe.

Weight differences = Heavier materials migrate to the bottom. Due to separation, the heavier materials are conveyed first, before lighter materials.  More separation of the materials occur in the machine hopper due to machine vibration. This leads to no control, it's labor intensive, and it causes masterbatch and additive wastage.

There are 4 main options for handling of material to maintain a good mix - listed are those from optimal to least effective:

1. A blender or feeder mounted to the throat of a machine.

2. Gravity drop to the feed throat of a machine.

3. Manual mixing beside the process.

4. Conveying a blend over a distance. 

The closer you can get your blend to the process, the lower your chances of material separation.

The Maguire Gravimetric Batch Blender is the all-in-one solution: Load all. Weigh all. Mix all. Maguire blenders feature a separate hopper per material. Each material is weighed sequentially in a batch, following the exact recipe setting. The controller learns the flow rate of each material based on different weights over time. Batches are mixed in the mix chamber to ensure a perfect, homogeneous mix. Accurate mix = Consistent average bulk density of mix = Improved Melt Flow Index.

Maguire Blenders:

- Provide total mix data

- Provide better material cost control

- Use of more recycled and regrind content accurately in your process.

- Use less color and additives.