Design of centralized systems of storage, transportation, preparation of materials, as well as cooling and energy saving systems

IBC Plastic has many years of successful experience in the design of centralized systems of rastarka, storage, transportation, preparation of materials, as well as cooling and energy saving systems.
Individual approach and comprehensive study of the project allows to optimize production as much as possible and to solve the set task taking into account all the nuances of production and technology. We always attach great importance to the detailed study of the object and careful attention to various details.
We carry out a comprehensive design of transportation and cooling systems from the concept to the preparation of a complete set of working documentation.
In solving the task of providing the required technological parameters of the production process, IBC Plastic specialists base on an integrated approach to design from the selection of process equipment to the complete solution.
All documentation for the project can be presented in the form of packages that represent three stages:

  • Conceptual design (pre-design works). This is the stage of developing the concept of the future object with the definition of its basic technical and economic characteristics. According to the draft design, one can see what will be its constructive scheme and what equipment will be used. This stage is allocated conditionally. Pre-project studies are not always created when preparing the main packages of documents. However, practitioners believe that the creation of a draft project allows you to save a lot of time, effort and resources in the long-term implementation.
  • Project documentation. Unlike the previous stage, this is an obligatory stage, which is subject to coordination with supervisory bodies. The result of the agreement is the permission to erect the object. The composition of the developed project documentation is regulated by the RFPP No. 87, however the actual composition for each particular project will be individual, since the specificity of each project is unique.
  • Working documentation. Here, in detail and maximally exhaustively developed those design solutions, which were indicated in the previous stage. The working documentation includes specifications, engineering network profiles, drawings of original assemblies, and / or axonometric schemes. At this stage, there are already a number of sections that have been submitted and exhausted at the design documentation stage: the CAB (list of activities related to environmental protection), the PIC (construction project), ITM (engineering and technical civil defense measures) and others.