In order to increase the level of automation of production, reduce the cost of transporting materials from the warehouse to the production workshop, as well as to free up space in the workshop, BePlast decided to implement a project for automated loading of raw materials in Workshop No. 3 (BRC).

The project developed by the specialists of our company IBC Plastic together with the specialists of BePlast allowed us to create a system that meets current needs as much as possible, is easy to use, as flexible and reliable as possible.

When designing the system, the task was set to automate the process of supplying materials from the warehouse to the production workshop as much as possible, equip the system with control and fine-tuning devices, and reserve all plumb components and assemblies.

Using a centralized system for downloading materials allows you to:

by installing filters and using powerful vacuum pumps equipped with inverters to avoid the loss of raw materials during transportation to the place of processing;
through the system management interface, to be able to remotely observe and intervene in the process;
improve the logistics associated with the movement of materials from their storage site to equipment for subsequent processing;
remove pallets and bags with raw materials from the workshop, increasing the usable area.
The industrial production of polymer products in our time needs the maximum possible automation of all ongoing technological processes, a decrease in the presence - human influence (HF- the human factor), a reduction in operations with the use of manual labor. Centralized loading systems (CPS) help to achieve maximum efficiency.

The introduction of a centralized system for loading materials allowed BiPlast to stand one step higher and make a start for further deeper automation of the production process at all stages of the production of plastic products by injection molding on injection molding machines.