New CHILLWER cooling system in Pennsylvania

Industrial cooling system with turn-key project.

Technology: high efficiency chillers CHILLWER, high efficiency adiabatic dry-coolers DRYWER, integrated free-cooling system, pumping groups equipped with inverter HYDROWER.
Location: Pittsburgh ( PA ) USA
Year: 2016

Cooling system having 3 temperature levels: 4,2 MW at +15°C, 1,2 MW at +10°C and 8,4 MW at +30°C to serve a new plastic processing production plant.
The high efficiency water-cooled water chillers works with water without glycol  thus improving users heat exchange.

An integrated free-cooling system allows to chill processing water with ambient air granting energy saving. The pumping groups equipped with inverter allow to regulate the optimal processing water reducing the running electrical energy.

The energy saving on yearly base for the whole system is worth to 1.732.000 kWh and reducing the emission of CO2 equal to 1.247.040 kg.