Founded in 1977, Maguire Products is a global technology leader in Materials Handling systems for plastics molding, extrusion and compounding. Headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA, we have six production facilities across the USA and operate globally through our network of offices, warehouses and partners across the USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, India and Canada.


For our equipment systems, Maguire has developed its own basic operating concepts, mechanical designs, electronic controls, and software. This proprietary technology has distinguished Maguire equipment from competitors in three ways: accuracy, low cost, and ease of use. One result is that the company is now the world's largest supplier of both gravimetric blenders and liquid color pumps.


Maguire Products maintains a system of distributors that provide sales and technical service in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and other regions.

Maguire Europe, a sales and service company with a distribution center in Tamworth, England, coordinates technical service in support of European distributors. Maguire Asia, based in Singapore, serves customers throughout South Asia and the Pacific Rim.


About twenty thousand Maguire® gravimetric blenders, trade named Weigh Scale Blenders, have been installed around the world since their introduction in 1989. They are designed to be affordable even for small processing operations. Models range from low feed-rate units (60 to 400 lb/hr, or 30 to 180 kg/hr) for injection molding to high-rate machines (up to 5000 lb/hr, or 2270 kg/hr) for extrusion and compounding. The units can be designed to blend up to twelve components.

The accuracy of Weigh Scale Blenders has enabled processors to eliminate over coloring and reduce consumption of costly additives. The equipment is self-calibrating. No calculations are required; once the operator sets the desired percentages of color, additive, and regrind, the microprocessor controller automatically adjusts material dispenses so that blend accuracy over time stays within 0.1%.

Weigh Scale Blenders use a batch process and weigh each ingredient separately to control use of colors and additives:

  • In blender models with throughputs rated at 450 lb/hr ( 200 kg/hr) or higher, resin and regrind are sequentially dispensed from hopper bins into a weigh chamber by high-speed slide-gate valves with an accuracy per dispense of +/- 4 grams.
  • Alternatively, in the Micro-Blender™™ model (maximum throughput of 140 lb/hr (60 kg/hr) and batch size of only 400 grams) dispensing is accomplished by means of unique vertical pneumatic valves mounted inside the hopper bins (all of which are removable on this model).Alternatively, in the Micro-Blender™ model (maximum throughput of 140 lb/hr (60 kg/hr) and batch size of only 400 grams) dispensing is accomplished by means of unique vertical pneumatic valves mounted inside the hopper bins (all of which are removable on this model).
  • Small-percentage (5% or less) ingredients like colors and additives are sequentially metered into the chamber in amounts calculated as percentages of natural to compensate for color already present in regrind. Metering is accomplished either through auger feeding or by means of vertical-valve technology, which allows larger blenders to be outfitted with removable minor-ingredient hopper bins. For applications requiring exceedingly high metering precision, the Micro-Pulse™ pneumatic slide-gate system makes possible dispenses as small as 2 or 3 pellets.
  • The batch falls into a mixing chamber, then is fed into the processing machine. In subsequent batches, small corrections are made automatically.


Many competitive gravimetric systems use a continuous loss-in-weight process, in which all ingredients are auger-fed simultaneously into the weigh system. Variable-speed DC motors, each with its own speed control, drive the augers, which continuously dispense ingredients. Weigh Scale Blenders use a combination of timed dispense valves and AC fixed-speed motors. This system is simpler and less costly, and the range of adjustment is much greater. Mix ratios can be varied from 0.01% to 100% with simple thumbwheel settings.

Continuous loss-in-weight blenders use a different set of load cells to weigh each ingredient, so that a shift in the calibration of any one cell affects the entire mix ratio. In the Weigh Scale Blender there are only two load cells, and because these are used for all ingredients, target mix ratio is maintained. Since the cells handle smaller loads, they are more sensitive to metering errors, detecting weights as low as 0.025 gram (1 pellet).

Important for injection molding is Maguire's system of vibration and shock management, which enables Weigh Scale Blenders to maintain accuracy when mounted on fast-cycling presses. Because these blenders verify weight readings at high speed, they are able to take accurate readings during even the shortest molding cycles.


Maguire volumetric auger feeders for pellets and powders are used to meter material directly into the flow of virgin resin at the extruder throat or to feed colors and additives in Weigh Scale Blenders. Two technologies make them more accurate than competitive equipment:

  • Precise control of auger rotation. This method of determining dispense amounts is superior to timers or motor speed controls, which do not correlate precisely with rotation. In Maguire equipment, auger feed can be controlled down to 2.3 degrees of rotation.
  • Automatic Speed Control. Maguire feeders automatically compensate for changing screw return times in injection molding, varying extruder torque requirements, or fluctuating plant voltage. It is possible to match feed rates to actual extrusion output.

Maguire feeders can be provided with a Direct Entry Controller. Operators use a thumbwheel to set the colorant level and a keypad to enter throughput and calibration number. The controller automatically calculates metering rate, compensates for color already present in regrind, and tracks running totals. Printer and computer ports are standard.


The use of liquid color is growing rapidly as an alternative to color concentrates because of advantages in dispersion, product properties, and material cost. Maguire Products introduced the first successful peristaltic pump for metering liquid color in 1977 and now supplies two types of positive-displacement pumps:

Maguire® peristaltic pumps meter liquid colors through sequential compression and release of a flexible pumping tube by rollers. Because the colorant is always contained in the tube, it never comes in contact with mechanical components. Driven by variable-speed motors, pumps can be supplied with Automatic Speed Control to eliminate need for motor adjustment.

Maguire progressive cavity drum pumps meter colors from 30- or 55-gal. (135- to 230-liter) drums in a smooth, non-pulsating action, achieving pressures of 200 to 300 psi (1380 to 2070 kPa). The controller ensures a high degree of metering accuracy by sensing variations in screw movement during the injection molding cycle and adjusting metering rate to maintain uniform color delivery in accordance with a pre-set (and storable) level of coloring for a given job. Adjustment of the metering rate is accomplished through controlling the exact degree of rotation of the motor driving the pump.


The Maguire® Gravimetric Gateway™ Material Management System, enables manufacturers to control raw material consumption for a single plant or multi-plant operations. The Gravimetric Gateway system makes possible rapid two-way communication between the PCs and the controllers of Maguire Weigh Scale Blenders on multiple processing machines-even machines deployed in different parts of the world. The system tracks material consumption by weight for each machine to provide complete plantwide or companywide material management.

The Maguire® Extrusion Control Network™ controls monolayer and coextruded product thickness by networking gravimetric blenders. In coextrusion, this system provides precise control over not only overall product thickness but also layer-to-layer material distribution, making possible savings in raw material costs. Eliminating the hardware redundancy found in conventional extrusion yield control systems, the Maguire Extrusion Control Network is about one-third the size and one-half the cost.

Maguire's Advanced Inventory Management Software™ (AIMS™), which is linked to Weigh Scale Blenders through the Gravimetric Gateway system, utilizes interactive e-mail to streamline transactions between processors and suppliers of resins, color concentrates, and minor additives. AIMS software can be configured to detect low material levels, automatically request bids for shipments, send and confirm receipt of purchase orders, verify shipping, and forecast delivery dates. Based on a Windows® platform, the system tracks each of these functions, providing processors with a real-time view of the status of each reorder.

For interfacing Weigh Scale Blenders with plant-wide management systems, Maguire has developed the Maguire® Fieldbus Interface™ (MFI™), an adaptor module that makes it possible to integrate information from blenders with data from the controllers on the wide variety of other manufacturing machines. The adapter translates between Maguire's MLAN™ blender-networking software and the Profibus DP, DeviceNet, and Modbus fieldbus systems.


Unlike conventional hot-air and desiccant systems, the Maguire® Low Pressure Dryer™ (LPD™) uses vacuum to draw moisture from pellets, requiring up to one-sixth of the time needed by desiccant dryers to properly dry resin, cutting energy consumption by up to 80%, and decreasing the heat history imposed on the polymer. The short drying time of the machine, combined with its three-station indexing system, makes it possible to run much smaller batches than conventional dryers and still meet required throughput rates. Smaller batches eliminate need to pre-dry resin prior to Monday-morning startup of the molding machine or extruder. By planning ahead, it is possible to change colors without wasting material or stopping production.


The Clear-Vu™ Loading System, which employs see-through and filterless material receivers, provides the advantages of a central system while allowing flexible deployment in processing facilities. The portable system automatically conveys pellets and regrind to as many as eight stations while incorporating features that streamline material discharge, reduce maintenance requirements, and eliminate plant noise. The clear receivers permit visual validation of material flow and work in conjunction with newly-developed Autofill™ software for fast and efficient setting of fill times. Special "mini" versions of the receivers are available for use with Maguire's Micro-Blender units or with any small hopper where the receiver mounting footprint is restricted due to size limitations.


Besides doing away with complex calculation and calibration tasks by machine operators, Maguire equipment has other ease-of-use features:

  • Direct-entry control settings by means of thumbwheels and keypads.
  • Modular construction that simplifies installation and speeds disassembly. Color changes can be made without shutting down processing machines.
  • Components designed for long wear and easy cleaning. Stainless steel hoppers and acetal auger housings are standard.


Most of our equipment can be shipped by United Parcel Service (UPS), assuring rapid, reliable, and inexpensive delivery. With a few exceptions, we endeavor to maintain an inventory of all the equipment listed in this catalog, and generally ship from stock within a few days of receipt of an order. Out-of-stock items can usually be supplied within two weeks. When custom modifications are requested or required, delivery may be delayed.

In addition to the large inventory held at our factory, we maintain large inventories in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and Singapore, to assure prompt worldwide delivery and service. Trained service organizations back our equipment at these locations.


Maguire Products offers a number of important services to its customers.

  • A phone call to our factory for assistance is always handled by someone who understands our equipment and its application to your particular plastic process. Our technical personnel combine years of previous experience in injection molding and extrusion with over eighteen years experience solving color metering problems for our customers.
  • We design and manufacture our own electronic controllers. This allows us much more flexibility in design modifications for your particular needs; plus faster, less expensive service when necessary.
  • Our knowledge of electronic circuitry operating in industrial environments is constantly growing. On-going electronic design changes that improve product reliability are automatically incorporated into older units returned to us for service. These reliability improvements are made at no charge to you.
  • Our full-time service facility handles repairs, updates, and customer-requested modifications with turn-around time of about one week.

All of these services greatly enhance the value of the important capital investment that you make in our plastic processing equipment.


Maguire Products offers one of the most comprehensive warranties in the business. We warrant all equipment to be free from defects in workmanship under normal use and service. Blenders, feeders and pumps carry a FIVE (5) YEAR warranty and all other Maguire equipment carry a THREE (3) YEAR warranty. A few items such as pump tubing and wear surfaces on granulators are acknowledged to have shorter lifespan and are excluded from this warranty. This warranty extends only to equipment that is returned to our factory in Aston, PA.