Green Box Srl is an Italian company that, thanks to its twenty-years experience and expertise in industrial cooling, designs, develops and manufactures any kind of cooling and temperature control equipment. Our products can assure optimal conditions for precise cooling and temperature control in all the processes for plastics products manufacturing, in the field of injection molding, extrusion and blow molding. All industrial chillers, free-coolers (fluid-coolers) and temperature control units presented by Green Box are tailor made thus designed to fit and fulfill the specific furthermore strict requirements of all our customers. The capacity of designing customized products and company's high flexibility, gives the chance to Green Box to be present also in other fields out of plastics like biogas, laser, mechanical tooling, chemical and pharmaceutical, food industry...


It was founded in 1991 by technical managers with long experience in thermodynamics of plastic applications. The company grows quickly in the Italian market and start to invest on International export. The company enters the market with a modular series of water chillers: UNI, TWIN e MULTI, this is the top range of industrial chillers with high flexibility and reliability.

In 1994 Green Box introduces a series of TEMPERATURE CONTROLLERS with new features and, at the same time, launches an innovative cooling system providing high energy savings: the FLUID COOLER, operating in closed loop and with self draining circuit, a completely new solution on the Italian market.

In 1998, to support the company growth, the company moves to the present factory with more than 4800 square meters covered area on a total surface of 11000 square meters.

During the 2000 years a completely new and innovative product is launched: the CAP COOLER. It is a unique product designed for cooling of plastic caps.

Since 2000, the company is certified ISO 9001. Download the certificate from “Certifications and associations” section.

Along its history Green Box has developed a great experience in engineering the complete cooling systems and plants using its cooling units. Green Box, as a matter of fact, proposes complete solutions, including the design and set up of the cooling plants to maximize the performance of its machines.

In 2008 Green Box includes a high efficiency adiabatic cooling system on the free coolers to extend the working range ot the free coolers even at ambient temperatures higher than the required water temperature.

In 2010 Green Box installs a photovoltaic plant on the roof of the factory, achitecturally integrated with the building. This plant is rated for 200 KW power, and should cover the complete company electrical demand.

In 2011 a new project is launched to increase the production and offices area and improve the logistic efficiency.

At the same time Green Box invests on the Chinese market setting up a before-and-after-sales office in Shanghai.


Green Box Srl is a company that designs and manufactures customised machines to meet the necessities of cooling and temperature control in industrial processes such as injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion of plastic materials, or many other processes (machine tools, biogas, lasers, chemical-pharmaceutical applications, food industry etc.. )


Make a difficult decision easy.

Find the best solution to solve the client’s problems, providing custom design, reliability and Energy saving.

Propose both economically and environmentally innovative solutions.

Provide quick and complete answers!

What we believe in

Investing resources and experience to offer to our client the best product and service solution for his needs.

Particular care in all the internal processes that produce benefits for the client.

Importance of the company team, strongly motivated, to win the great challenges and the small daily problems.

Effective and correct company management, focused on medium-long term strategies.

What can you find in Green Box?

  • quick answers,
  • customized units,
  • design of comprehensive solutions,
  • environmentally oriented solutions with high efficiency and maximized energy saving,
  • quick service support on site.