Since when, in 1975, Engin Plast was founded, our mission has always been focused on creating innovative and customized solutions capable of ensuring a lasting and tangible benefit.

We are in the business of plastic technology: dispensing, monitoring, recovery and transport of plastic and not plastic materials. Today we represent a reference as designer and manufacturer of metering and transport systems (for powders, granules and grinded material) and granulators with low environmental impact. From natural inclination to seek customized solutions, in order to ensure a correct response to the needs expressed, we have refined a highly specialized technical and commercial knowledge.

We are tenacious in pursuing a goal that is common throughout the business world: great products minimum cost. The research facilitates the achievement of this objective and benefits also have an impact on the environment, with technologically advanced solutions and energy efficient


Engin Plast was set up in 1975 in Casumaro (FE), by a group of people with specific experiences in transport and storage systems.

The strong predisposition to search innovative solutions allowed to attend the most important exhibitions worldwide with continuous innovations, also patented, that have traced the dosing and transport technology of plastic materials.

In 1993 the company changed ownership and name becoming Engin Plast Due srl, also implementing its production range with the granulators.

In 2000 Engin Plast Due srl changed its corporate structure, this explains the return to the important original name of the company: Engin Plast srl.

Today Engin Plast srl is a leading company in the world, based in Bondeno (FE), in a factory of 6000 mq.

Engin Plast srl produces plastic technologies: dosing and transport systems as a complement of process lines in the production of plastic materials and rubber and recovery systems for plastic and non-plastic materials.

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Be part of the history of each of our customers.

Constantly challenge ourselves to make each costumer live an unforgettable experience.

We have an ambitious dream that binds us together in the path of growth that we are making.

The passion for our work is the real energy that guides our steps towards continuous research and improvement of internal and external operational dynamics.

The years of experience, of constant and scrupulous application, allow us to ensure high levels of competence and professionalism, combined with the reliability and transparency that have always characterized ourselves in the relations with costumers and suppliers.

The technical quality of the product we offer is therefore the result of collaboration, respect and loyalty that bind us together, an invisible but precious line that allows us to take into proper consideration the value of the person.


”Engin Plast S.r.l. wants to be a reference company in step with the times that can meet the needs of engineering upstream and downstream of the production process of its market providing customized and technologically unique solutions.”

We create innovative and custom-made solutions able to ensure a lasting and tangible benefit.

We are in the business of dosing, monitoring, recovery and transport of plastic and non plastic materials.


Engin Plast srl serves the market with competence and loyalty. The passion and determination with which we conduct our business helped us becoming leader industry.

 We are an enterprise determined to improve constantly and in every sector, getting every change due to the passing of time or to the market. We work with love and commitment and we believe in corporate culture as a value.

Corporate culture means for us commitment to the recovery of the values of the past, bringing them with wisdom into the future, always challenging ourselves with humility and courage. Sharing objectives, opinions and ideas grabbing the daily challenges among planning and unexpected obstacles.

The satisfaction of our clients is for us a source of pride and high enthusiasm for the development of new ideas with which facing their expectations.

Engin Plast is an enterprise made up of people with values, expectations, hopes, ideas and originality.