Campetella Robotic Center s.r.l. is one of the leading manufacturers of robots, manipulators and complex automated systems based on them.

The history of the company is more than 110 years.
In 1897 the company Campetella was founded, which was engaged in the production of agricultural machinery. In 1981, the production of industrial automation equipment began. In 1990 the Campetella Robotic Center s.r.l. was founded to this day producing robots and special automated systems. Engineering experience, accumulated and transferred from generation to generation, throughout the life of the company helps the company produce competitive products and take an unshakable position in the occupied niche.

“Oltre un secolo di attività, sempre gestita attivamente dalla famiglia Campetella...”  “Over a century in business, always actively managed by the Campetella Family...”

From 1897

Over a century in business, always actively managed by the Campetella Family. At the beginning we rode the wave of the industrial revolution and, in part, we were advocates, helping hundreds of entrepreneurs to make their dreams come true. We accompanied them on their pathway, which saw the development of artisanship in industry, and we ourselves were enriched professionally along the way. Today, our wealth of experience means we are chosen by the biggest industrial groups in Italy and worldwide to meet their production requirements.



We put our passion, know-how and technology at the customer’s disposal to accompany them in the automation of their production processes. The introduction of innovative automation systems and robotics in accordance with the world's largest customer satisfaction while respecting the central role of man.

“Presenti in 24 paesi del mondo ed in continua espansione...” “Presente en 24 países del mundo y en constante expansión...”

Customer care

An international, family company. Present in 24 countries throughout the world and in continuous expansion, the network of Campetella partners is designed to offer a 360° service, from searching for solutions, where communication is essential, just like the relationship with the parent company, to after-sales, where quick intervention is guaranteed by our specialised technicians present in more than 20 nations worldwide.

“I nostri clienti sono partners con i quali puntiamo a costruire rapporti forti e di fiducia...” “Our customers are partners with whom we aim to build strong, trustworthy relationships...”


Beyond the old customer-supplier relationship, our customers are partners with whom we aim to build strong, trustworthy relationships, thanks to our honesty and clarity and the proposal of innovative solutions centred on real application needs.

“IML, Food, Crates, Houseware, Technical Moulding, Palettizing e molto altro...” “IML, Food, Crates, Houseware, Technical Moulding, Palettizing and more...”

Research & development

Continuous research aimed at developing solutions that promote the use of the best technologies, always aimed at guaranteeing user-friendliness for those relying on Campetella Robotic Center every day to meet their production requirements.

Engineering e Process knowledge

Experience, research and development of skills to be made available to specific production processes, IML, Food, Crates, Houseware, Technical Moulding, Palettizing.

“Creare valore per il nostro territorio e  per le persone per noi è importante... ” “To create value for the land and people is as important to us...”

Operations and production

To create value for the land and people is as important to us as offering top quality solutions; it is for this reason that all design processes, from mechanics to software, and many of the production processes are performed and managed at Campetella, ensuring obsessive attention to all details.


Robotic systems and advanced industrial automation systems. A wide range of Cartesian robots, manipulators and accessories for the molding industry of plastic and aluminum materials. Spoolers. Special cars and islands. Complete installations assisted by anthropomorphic robots. Here are our jewels. Fruits are passionate about the great teamwork that makes us go beyond our own goals.

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Telefono: +39 0733 29891