PET Solutions s.r.l. is an Italian company belonging to the PEGASO INDUSTRIES Group, which is an international leader in the design, manufacture and sale of PET processing equipment.

PET Solutions s.r.l. has vast experience in a large number of PET systems installed together with HUSKY in the CIS and Baltic countries. PET is a very specific material. Recycling requires a high degree of precision, reliability and repeatability in terms of both material dehumidification and cooling of molds and injection molding machines. A lot of "know-how" aimed at improving the controllability of the process and the quality of products, reducing energy consumption and production costs, allow us to firmly hold the leading position in the niche of high-quality equipment in this area of ​​production.

Separate application for recycled material, regulation of material drying. The material can be in the form of granules or flakes. The proposed solution is designed and engineered in accordance with the required characteristics of the final product.

PET drying systems for packaging applications are available in various sizes to achieve throughputs up to 1.7 t / h. Fully automated and fully integrated with injection molding machines, energy consumption is the lowest available on the market.

Preform processing system for packaging products in a special box. Designed for transporting preforms, available in two versions: T-conveyor or soft drop system. Both options are in two or more positions.