KAHL Group S.A history is strongly rooted to the art of turnery/turner trade, metallurgical vocation and to the ambition for innovation in the manufacture area of machinery and engines. Our growth since 1993 up to now is associated with the refined, aesthetic and functional contribution that the family has always sought for technological pieces. At the moment of sacks discharge, the industry sought for the highest standard of craftwork, satisfaction and problem’s resolution and that is exactly what we become: A company that designs and manufactures equipment for each need.

With a distinct traditional and descriptive sense, the company’s name reflects the custom made work that Roberto Kahl (father) passed on to the next generation. Just as he had an exceptional ability for drawing engines in a small table and only a tiny pencil, his son become a turner at the age of 13 years old acquiring the ability from observation. Driven by the ambition to produce new machines, the company initiated into automatism and in the design of gravimetric dosifiers. Subsequently, machines were taken to the interior of the country and then to foreign countries.

During the last years we have adapted to the complexity of productive processes and to the design of modern pieces. Such is the case that since 2013, we are situated at the industrial park in Mar del Plata, where we produce machines sold in America, Europe, Africa, Oceania and Asia. Our technological solutions, ideal for the plastic industry and food market, grant a reduction in working time, intensify savings in resources and the relocation of them in other areas, protect the ergonomics and physical health of the operator, automatize discharge and improve company’s efficiency.

KAHL Group S.A has produced more than 60 machines and has exported 99,5% of its opening bags machines, peripherals and gravimetric dosifiers. Seeing our machines working is the best way to understand the need to automatize processes. We are the only argentinian company and one of the top 5 most recognized international companies that designs innovative and progressive systems to fasten production. This is the result of a working team that feels passion for its work. A team highly compromised that continually reveals new integrations and creates advanced pieces of work.

The secret of our international leadership is in the product’s essence itself. During the 60 days of construction, we assume the responsibility to differentiate ourselves competitively with the design of our machines. A design that knows not of serialization but of personalization to fulfill each client’s need. Our aim is to continue growing, to spread our products and services to wider areas, and sell them in new countries with the same warranty as always: Excellency in design, production, installation, commissioning, after sales service and remote assistance.