Intech srl is a company specialized in the manufacturing of silos and equipment for the handling of raw material in bulk.

Our mission is the satisfaction of the customer through customization of solutions. We are sure that customers pleased with their system represent the best advertising for us, for this reason we cooperate with them to provide with reliable and long-lasting equipments.

Intech srl offer a wide range of solutions: indoor and outdoor silos (flexible fabric silos, stainless steel or fiberglass), unloaders for bags or big-bags, micro batching equipment for ingredients, mechanic and pneumatic conveyors, scales, sifter, automation and everything is necessary to design customized equipments.

Our silos equipments can be used in the food industry (silos for flour, sugar and others) as well as in other sectors (plastic, chemical and others).

The reliability of our equipments allowed us to expand our business abroad.


Intech srl was born in 1996 from Agritech, it is a company leader in the manufacturing of fiberglass silosfor animal feed.

Thanks to this experience, since the beginning, Intech developed their own skills in the handling of stored products, taking particular care in the conveying and batching of them. Intech's target is food industry (silos for flour, sugar and other raw materials); plastic and chemicals. Flexible fabric silos and fiberglassare the products which let us to grow in the beginning of our history.

In 2000 Intech made the first installation with outdoor stainless steel silos

In 2001 Intech built its own production site.

In 2002 Intech installed the first equipment with indoor stainless steel.

In 2005 designed and manufactured the first equipment completely automatic with micro ingredient and its own software.

In 2014 Intech implemented a new software for the handling of powdered raw materials and liquids.

In 2015, due to the growing of its turnaround, the production site has been enlarged up to 3000 sqm.

Intech srl takes part in a group of companies

Agritech S.r.l. manufacturier of fiberglass silos for animal feed

Eltech S.r.l.  manufacturer of electric panel and software

Poly3 S.r.l.  producers of polyester resins and gelcoat