BLAUWER is an Italian company included in the PEGASO INDUSTRIES Group, present on the national and international market with a range of innovative machines for industrial processes.

BLAUWER designs, manufactures and installs high-efficiency thermodynamic machines for the processing of fluids such as water and air for industrial processes, for applications such as:

  • cooling only;
  • heating only;
  • cooling and heating at the same time;
  • air dehumidifying.


The BLAUWER machines are designed with a focus on energy efficiency, with an eye to innovation and to next generation solutions.

Less Waste, More Future is the combination that is at the base of all our projects

The technical innovations introduced by the company help increase the advantages and promote environmental sustainability.

The name itself, BLAUWER (bluer), is a sort of wish, because we operate believing that respect for the environment is a non-negotiable ethical priority.


Here are some of the main features of the BLAUWER chillers and heat pumps:

  • High energy efficiency in compliance with the new ERP2020 European directives.
  • High-efficiency, self-adapting compressors
  • High-efficiency, low power-consumption fans with flow rectifiers and brushless motors;
  • Stainless steel pipes, pumps and water tank
  • Electronic temperature controllers;
  • Low refrigerant charges.
  • Alternative use of natural or low GWP refrigerant gases.

Besides its machines, BLAUWER can also offer advice on the creation of turnkey systems, thanks to the experience of its technical staff.


BLAUWER is focusing on Sustainable Thermal Technologies for a dynamic evolving market requiring energy saving.

Blauwer S.p.A. was founded to provide air-conditioning systems, refrigeration and dehumidification in the industrial and residential field. Systems designed in an energy efficiency dimension, following the path of innovation, always looking  at the forefront solutions.

- waste + future is the inspiring  idea  from where all our projects take shape.

The name itself, Blauwer (bluer) wants to be auspicious, because we operate in the conviction that respect for the environment is a non-negotiable ethical priority. Among our different product lines, we have presented a new application that it is really interesting for industrial applications. The new equipment is HIGH TEMPERATURE HEAT PUMP; with it, it is possible to heat air or water and to chill water at the same time.

We have 2 Series:

  • Air (Series HEATWER)
  • Water (Series AQUAWER)

We can reach approx. 100°C on the heat side using waste heat from a refrigeration circuit or from a different source.

The heat pump can be used in many industrial applications and for plastic processing we see the following opportunities:

  • It is possible to pre-heat plastic before screw or extruder; the pre-heating phase has a high energy efficiency as with 1 electrical kW, it is possible to get approx. 3,5 kW thermal heat and on the same time it is possible to chill water with 2,5 kW cooling capacity;
  • The pre-heating is stabilizing the plastic processing introducing pellets always at the same temperature and same humidity independently of day/night or summer/winter effects.

In addition to the above products, BLAUWER is producing also the following equipment:

  • High efficiency chillers CHILLWER
  • Free-coolers DRYWER
  • Extremely high efficiency air-dehumidifiers for industrial applications (such as mold dryer to prevent moisture condensation) DEHUWER/ADSOWER/RECUWER
  • High efficiency heat pumps for civil application THERMOWER


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