An update that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. The new corporate identity of the five companies in the Pegaso Industries group is part of a decision to make the transfer of value to individual companies and belonging to a strong and cohesive group more effective; from the restyling of the visual identity and company logos to the opening of new social profiles on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin.

“While each retains its own identity,” explains Gianfranco Cattapan, Group CEO and Founder of Plastic Systems, “all of the brands in our Group share the same DNA and the same values ​​of quality and competence. Therefore, looking to the future, we wanted to renew ourselves to reaffirm our leadership ambitions and continue to think big, including through new forms of communication, to keep pace with an increasingly interconnected world. "

Since 2019, the Pegaso Industries spa holding unites 5 leading companies in the sector of machines and plants for the processing of plastics. The historical brand Plastic Systems, founded in 1994, manufactures machines and systems for the processing, storage, drying and dosing of granular and powder materials for the plastics sector; Associated with him is PET Solutions, which deals with equipment for the beverage and packaging sector; Blauwer is engaged in the creation of refrigeration, thermoregulation and air conditioning systems not only for plastics, but also for food, chemical and civil; Ergomec manufactures systems for the storage and handling of granular and powdery materials for the plastics, chemical and food sectors; Finally, Steel Systems

Pegaso Industries has 8 factories, 500 employees and 18,000 systems installed worldwide; figures that put the holding at the top of the international market. Strong presence abroad; the Shanghai branch was opened in 2006 with 80 employees, while the Brazil and India branches have also been operating for ten years, and recently also in the USA, Atlanta and Russia in Moscow.

The plastics industry is changing and is paying close attention to the issue of recycling. For this reason, the Group has received several large orders for processing plants. “All operators in this sector,” notes Gianfranco Cattapan, “need to use recycled materials, which entails the need for special and additional storage, transport and dosing systems. This could lead to further strengthening of this business in the coming years. "

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