Opening and Emptying Machine KAHL KAB-12T is a fully automatic machine for plastic sacks opening and emptying into containers or silos loading system.

The KAB-12T can discharge a full pallet with 11 layers in 7 minutes. The feeding of the KAB-12T is performed by a forklift. The empty pallet removal is also performed by forklift. (Classic for filling silos with 114mm pipe installation).

All the electric, electronic, and mechanical systems of the KAB-12T comply with EC relevant standards and regulations. The loading of the full pallets and the removal of the empty pallets is performed by a forklift operator. Everything else is performed without any human intervention. Each cycle, the KAB-12T mechanically grabs a layer of sacks, slits the sacks without any loss of contents, and empties them into the hopper of the silos loading system, or any type of container.

The use of mechanical grabbers facilitates the handling of any sacks made of plastic material and filled with granular products. KAB-12T enables the handling of all methods of sacks arrangement on the pallet. 99.90% of the contents of the sacks are collected, which eliminates waste. KAB-12T is controlled by a menu-driven, user-friendly touch screen, automatic control system. KAB-12T has a level sensor in the hopper to pause the cycle when it is full. KAB-12T enables the operator to define the number of sacks to be discharged before pausing the debagging cycle, which makes easy the filling of Big Bags and small containers. The empty sacks are collected into storage containers or Big Bags.


  • Collecting empty sacks into 45cm plastic sleeve in density of 100 sacks per meter or empty sacks bails of 1000 sacks per meter in 70cm x 73cm x variable length.
  • Discharge empty pallets automatically. (Shortening loading time).
  • Three pallets loading conveyor to make the pallets loading more effective.