Screw loaders with a flexible spiral screw are designed for transporting granular and powdery materials with high productivity for long distances.

Screw conveyor MDL is designed to move in a horizontal, vertical or inclined direction of powders and granules (including regrind materials). A wide range of accessories allows you to adapt the carrier to any storage bins and allows you to unload the material of any type of container. Inside the flexible hose made of polyamide (PA11), a steel spiral screw rotates, which moves the material. The length of the screw can be from 1 to 12 meters.

The advantages of screw conveyors include the stability and consistency of the material, reliability, ease of cleaning, density.


  • Suitable for use as the granules, and powders, or mixtures
  • The lack of separation when working with mixtures
  • High performance with low power consumption
  • A wide range of models for productivity and feed distance
  • The flexible steel screw from carbon steel with heat treatment
  • Flexible tube made of polyamide Rilsan
  • Large selection of loading and unloading boxes
  • There are various options for installing the bootloader
  • Compatibility with existing material loading systems
  • Simplicity and ease of maintenance due to the simplicity of construction
  • Perfect access for cleaning
  • Suitable for use in the food industry
  • Control panel with IP 54 protection class


  • Level sensors
  • Screw and components are made of stainless steel AISI 304,316
  • Unloading bins for raw materials