The powder feeders of the VLP series are suitable for the pneumatic conveyance of powder plastic materials. They can also be used for the conveyance of foods, pharmaceutical and chemical products ensuring high hygienic standards.

Ideal for free flowing powders with particle sizes between 40-200 μm and bulk density from 0,35 to 1,8 kg/dm3. They can also be used for powders with lower particle sizes by using a special sintered filters. 


  • High-efficiency compressed-air vacuum pump. 
  • Cone-shaped exhaust valve operated by a pneumatic actuator. 
  • ASTM304 stainless steel container. 
  • Self-cleaning antistatic polyester filter. 
  • Compact and modular construction. 
  • Operation control unit. 
  • Adjustment kit for compressed air. 
  • Suction pipe and probe. 


  • Level sensor with blade. 
  • Atex certification. 
  • Sintered filter.