In contrast to heat-transfer oil, water used as a circulating medium provides numerous physical and economic benefits – particularly for high operating temperatures. The heat transfer characteristics of water are far superior to those of oil: its high specific heat transfer capacity is second to no other liquid media. Water also provides many ecological benefits.

Technical Standard Specification

  • Temperature range up to 90C°
  • Heating capacity 3-4-6-9 kW
  • Cooling capacity 24-50 kW
  • Max. flow rate 40-58 l/min
  • Max. pressure 3,8-5,2 bar

Functional equipment hydraulic

  • Cooling and filling controlled by solenoid valve
  • Switch-over possible: manual filling (at filling nozzle) / automatic filling via cooling water (via separate filling connection with dirt trap if w/o cooling)
  • Level monitoring by magnetic float switch
  • Dirt trap in cooling water supply and return line of circulating system
  • Turn-over switch for leak-stop operation (not required in case of fluid non-return and mould draining compressed air)

Standard equipment

  • General
  • Rugged, powder-coated sheet steel housing
  • Automatic filling and replenishing
  • Roller mounted


  • Hydraulic equipment stainless steel / non-ferrous metals
  • Incolloy heater
  • High-quality pump materials
  • Dirt traps in return and cooling water supply line

Electric and control equipment

  • SBC controller
  • Heating control by solid state relay with fail-safe pilot contractor
  • Switch box to IP54


  • SSC controller with 7" touch screen
  • Plate heat-exchanger for highly efficient cooling capacity
  • Flow metering according to the eddy current method up to 90 °C, according to the differential pressure method from 100 °C
  • Connection for external PT 100 temperature sensor
  • Connections for various analogue and digital electric interfaces
  • Virtually unlimited hydraulic and electric options