The “Cap Cooler” is a unit designed to cool plastic caps and closures.

It is a patented unit, compact, easy to install and use.

Suitable to cool the caps before they are discharged into the collecting box, in a very efficiently way and in a very short time.

The temperature of the caps, when they come out of the mouId, is around 85 – 95°C and they continue to release heat.

The Cap Cooler action allows the following benefits:

  • temperature of the caps only 3−4°C higher than the ambient temperature
  • uniform cooling of the caps, granting regular shrinkage and constant quality of the products
  • immediate use of the caps coming out of the Cap Cooler


  • CAP COOLER suitable for production capacity up to 65.000 caps/hour
  • CAP COOLER HF suitable for production higher than 65.000 ÷ 70.000 caps/hour (*)

(*) depending on the cap’s weight and dimensions

Main features:

  • Easy to install
  • Little floor space required (0.95 m2)
  • Low energy consumption
  • Suitable for different cap sizes
  • Easy to adjust to different outputs
  • All parts in contact with the caps in stainless steel

Special versions:

  • Suitable for ambient temperature higher than 38°C
  • With absolute air filters
  • Suitable for large-diameter caps.