Cartesian top entry robots

Highly configurable robots, optimized to guarantee maximum performance in specific sectors

Campetella Robotic Center has a wide range of Cartesian robots, each one designed and optimized to guarantee maximum performance in the most specific sectors.

Featured by a modular design, the particular characteristics of each robot are the result of the fusion between series and mechanical family.


  • Prime Series: dedicated to small-sized, simple, but at once accurate and functional robots. Prime control unit.
  • E-Series: dedicated to small and medium-sized robots, with advanced features and maximum positioning accuracy. EVO control unit.
  • X-Series: it represents the state-of-the-art of Campetella technology, dedicated to small, medium and big-sized robots, with record-breaking performance in terms of functionality, speed and control. EVO control unit.


CL - CO - CX: the extraction axis is cantileverally fixed at the side opposite the hopper. The strength of this architecture is the total absence of footprint issues on the hopper side.

ME - MC – GS - RHEA: the vertical axis group is frontally bound to the extraction axis. This architecture is intrinsically free from collision problems between the item and the extraction axis.

Solid and tested mechanical engineering, latest generation electronic controls and update proprietary software.

Each robot is designed for high configurability, from the gripping system’s pneumatics to electronic and control devices, in order to best meet every possible application need.