Centralized feeding systems

IBC Plastic is the leader in the construction of centralized feeding and loading systems for plastic raw materials.

Control systems and standard components such as PD vacuum pumps and TMM / TMX material receivers allow the creation of reliable, flexible, automatic systems for transporting materials in granules and powder.

Central material loading systems have a number of advantages that make it easy to recoup large initial additions to create it:

  • Lack of loss of materials at all stages of transportation - the system is closed, and thus the material that got into the system is transported directly on the line, and is protected from pollution
  • Saving on the labor force - on average the number of employees required for centralized supply of materials to the plant is less than three times that of the individual supply of materials of each line
  • Saving the workspace next to the technological equipment, building a new plant or upgrading an existing one allows us to compact the equipment
  • In some cases, the work of the plant is impossible without central systems: for example, in the production of medical products in clean rooms, when working with dusty materials, with large volumes of processing raw materials