Belt conveyors, separators, storage systems

Belt conveyors with various shapes and sizes, as well as various types of belts, will be able to solve the most complex tasks of transporting a variety of materials. Moreover, we are pleased to offer a conveyor with a plastic segment tape that can be used both in the plastic and food industries, while possessing a significant set of advantages. The use of conveyors is carried out in all industries. By means of such transport systems, movement of both piece and bulk bulk cargo is carried out. The load easily and quickly moves along the tape, ensuring the stage-by-stage and high speed of the process.

Distribution systems for finished products are designed to automatically fill containers with finished products. In this case, the finished products coming from the production line are sent by the distribution system into the necessary containers. Upon filling, the product unloading zone changes and the new packaging begins to fill.

Separators are used for separating (sorting) finished products from sprues, in injection molding production, which are formed when using cold-channel forms. There are many options for separators: from mounted on conveyors (lobed, roller), to installed after the conveyor, as an independent device. It is possible to install one separator for several injection molding machines, provided that the finished products are transported centrally. Depending on the type of product and the gate configuration, a certain type of separator is used.