Engin Plast Srl has developed many new machines and technologies both in the field of crushing material and in dosing systems. 

Equipment for the processing of polymeric materials is represented by updated crushers of the VA series, which have been changed in accordance with the latest requirements for safety at work, preserving the strength and functionality of the structure, which meets the needs of the modern market. Crushers of BA series can be used for processing all types of polymer materials for extrusion blow molding, injection and extrusion processes. This type of crusher shows good results when recycling PET bottles, given the possible difficulties arising from the crushing of this fairly rigid material. All the crushers produced by Engin Plast are practical, easy to connect and install, a significant advantage for the end user is also energy saving and easy maintenance,

The newest models of gravimetric dosing systems (CWS 2023) and multicomponent weighing dosing system (CWS 3001) are developed using innovative technical developments, which are the know-how of Engin Plast Srl and can be applied in extrusion, extrusion blow molding, injection production, which allows using the company's products in accordance with specific market requirements. Weighing systems are controlled by strain gages (dynamometric elements) located below the measuring devices, which gives a high accuracy of dosing and a constant homogeneity of the material. These systems eliminate the need for manual calculations, unavoidable, when using volumetric dosing systems. It is possible to obtain accurate information on the consumption of the material, in combination with the precise measurements of the raw material processed in the extruder in grams / 

The weighing system for the variable weight component ("weight loss") of the CWS 2023 , measures each component, according to a separate control scale for each component. Perfect electronics allows in real time to change the weight characteristics of the material inside the hopper, as well as the linear speed of the extruder. These data, processed properly, affect the simultaneous control of the extruder and adjust the speed of the dosing process to it, making it possible to produce a homogeneous product. In the process of co-extrusion of the system of weighing dosing, it is possible to achieve the accuracy of the proportions of the various layers.

The system of multicomponent weighing dosing CWS 3001 , doses each component separately into a single loading hopper with an inspection window. At the end of the weighing cycle, a portion of the dosed material is poured into the mixer located under the dispenser. 

Another novelty of the company Engin Plast Srl -  "AF" - System of forced submission of material, can be used when using raw materials with a low bulk density, which must be forced, in order to achieve a continuous supply of material. The forced material feed system is installed directly on the extruder feed opening and eliminates the need to install a standard feed hopper driven by the servo. The forced feed system is equipped with a mixing blade and a screw; the entire plant is connected to the machine by means of an adapter, by means of which the speed of forced feed of material into the extruder is regulated. This system gives many advantages, for example such as: continuous operation of the extruder, reduction of stock of raw materials, as well as rapid payback of equipment.

Engin Plast also develops and installs  centralized material supply systems taking into account the specifics of the customer's production, for example, a similar material feeding system CWS 3001M was developed specifically for the extrusion industry and allows simultaneously feeding up to 16 different types of granular material using a single central gravimetric dosing station. This material feeding system CWS 3001M independently recognizes the line to which the material and the dosing material must be fed through advanced level sensors that are located inside the mixer installed on each extruder to feed the material through a single volumetric dosing system. These centralized systems provide our customers with the following advantages: lower cost, namely: a cost reduction of 60%, in contrast to the installation of individual dosing systems; automatic guaranteed accuracy and uninterrupted operation of the equipment; as well as the possibility of applying different dyes to each extrusion line from one station, thus simplifying the management of the entire system and saving space on the customer's production.