The new gravimetric dosing units in the Micro range have been designed by Engin Plast for dosing single-component materials in pellet form, using a continuous, real-time, weight loss method to achieve accurate dosing. These units provide the following advantages:

  • constant dosing regardless of grain size or variations in properties of materials over time;
  • the system is completely automatic and does not require the presence of an operator;
  • automated process control;
  • real-time monitoring of amount of fed material;
  • reduced raw materials wastage.

Micro is equipped with a gravimetric hopper based on a load cell that measures changes of weight of additive in real time. The microprocessor uses these data to regulate the speed of rotation of the dosing screw. This type of doser is particularly indicated either for direct feeding of an extruder, or used in combination with the main hopper to mix additives into the main component. Its small size and attractive design make it both economical and aesthetically pleasing.