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Chiller - material from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Chiller (from English chiller) is a water cooling machine (also called a water cooler, a refrigerating machine, a refrigeration unit, a refrigeration installation, a water cooler), is designed to select and remove excess heat and maintain the specified optimal temperature and heat conditions when operating various types of production equipment , technological devices, tools, rigging, as well as technological processes associated with increased thermal loads and heat release through a coolant (water Glycol mixture, antifreeze) into the environment. For air conditioning, chiller-fan coil systems are used.

They are used practically in all branches of industry and management. It is particularly advisable and effective to use coolers in plants using flow-through water cooling systems to create a closed and modernized cycle of water rotation, as well as in industries where higher requirements are required for monitoring temperature conditions.

Industrial chillers allow:

  • maintain the temperature parameters of the working heat-carrier in a wide range of temperatures within specified limits with high accuracy (up to 1 ° C);
  • do without cumbersome outdoor heat exchangers and cooling towers;
  •  to improve the ecology of the environment and the design of the enterprise;
  • significantly reduce costs;
  • save production space;

Application area of chillers

  • Recycling of plastic;
  • Cooling of injection molding machines, injection molding and thermoforming machines;
  • Cooling of extruders, mixers, granulators;
  • Cooling of PET blowing machines;

Food industry

  • Processing of milk;
  • Production of wine, cognac, vodka;
  • Bottling mineral and carbonated water;
  • Confectionery production;
  • Meat processing plants;
  • Manufacture of vegetable oils;
  • Ice cream factories;

Chemical industry

  • Manufacture of rubber;
  • Manufacture of paints;
  • Manufacture of cosmetics;
  • Cooling of reactors;
  • Cooling of galvanic baths;
  • Cooling beaded mills;
  • Cooling of tanks with cooling jackets;

Metal processing industry

  • Cooling systems for metalworking machines;
  • Casting of metals;
  • Jewelery manufacture;
  • Welding machines;
  • Lasers;
  • Cooling of vacuum pumps;


  • Production of tinctures and alcohol-containing medicines;
  • Blood cooling;
  • Cooling of tomography machines;
  • Cooling of shaker stands;
  • Climatic chambers;

Industrial air conditioning

  • Buildings, offices, shopping centers, industrial premises;
  • Cooling of data centers;